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Two natural-looking stems, Simply, set down in your favourite spot and admire. It's perfect for indoor It is conveniently easy to clean.

  • How to pot an artificial plant
  • 12 best places to buy artificial plants that don't look fake, plus expert tips on how to style them
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  • Artificial Plants & Pots
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  • How to Secure Artificial Plants in Pots
  • 42 Artificial Plants, Trees, and Flowers That Don’t Look Fake
  • Artificial Flowers Plants Price
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How to pot an artificial plant

Welcome to our range of artificial indoor plants. These modern and stylish artificial plants are a versatile interior feature.

Add life to a bookshelf or brighten a dull corner! Enjoy realistic, hassle-free artificial plants, no worries of watering, feeding, and pruning. All of the artificial plants sold by the artificial plant's shop are of the highest quality and most realistic available.

All of the plants within this department are for indoor use. Our team is here to help you find the right plant for your home or business so please do get in touch with any questions you may have. This site uses cookies to provide and improve your shopping experience. If you want to benefit from this improved service, please opt-in. More Info. I opt-in to a better browsing experience Accept Cookies. Covid, We are still trading, but delivery times will vary due to the virus.Artificial Indoor Plants Welcome to our range of artificial indoor plants.

Refine Selection. Buy View Compare. Email Me View Compare. Size 78cm. Size 52cm Tall. Colour White Purple. Size 65cm Tall. Size 41cm Tall. Compare 1.

12 best places to buy artificial plants that don't look fake, plus expert tips on how to style them

By Chanel Dror. Friends often come to me with their houseplant problems—issues like falling leaves, sad wilting, and no new growth. Instead, I encourage friends with a craving for greens in their living spaces to take faux houseplants for a test drive. Most of our favorite shops now sell incredible artificial indoor plants, making it easy to add a realistic botanical splash to your home.

Infuse instant charm into any room of the house with fuss-free artificial hanging planters and flowers in ceramic vases. Browse the complete range today to.

Artificial Flowers & Plants

If you're looking to add some more decor to your home then it sounds like you need some indoor Artificial Plants. The best thing is, you don't even have to water them. They'll stay beautiful all year round and they can really make or break a room! We've got a huge range of Artificial Plants you're going to love to browse through, with awesome bargains every day you're going to love these new addidtions to your household! Grab yours today and save at the one and only - Catch. Shopping for Artificial Plants online can be tricky, but we promise we've got the best range at an even better price. Perfect for your home or office, Artificial Plants Australia increase the life in any room, even though they're not real plants! Every home or office looks 10x better with a bit of greenery around. Grab 'em online, place them wherever you like and forget about them! No need for watering or maintaining, how cool is that?

Artificial Decorative Plants

Get them a gift they can choose Shop E-Gift Cards Our Christmas delivery cut-off has now passed There's still time to shop in store Find your nearest store. Shopping bag. Your bag is empty Continue shopping. Artificial Plants. Artificial Plants 17 styles.

Plus exclusive access to holiday promotions, FREE giveaways, interior decorator tips and re-stock alerts. Oops, something happened.

Artificial Plants & Pots

Live Plant Delivery Melb. Turn your place into a tropical oasis with our amazing greenery range. From Fiddle to Monstera plants we've got you covered. Lush vibes this way. Make a statement with a Plant's Project Artificial Tree!

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Our range of artificial plants are the perfect solution for adding some botanical beauty into your property without effort! Enjoy the brand new ambience a simple fake plant can bring to your space. Regardless of the environment you new faux plant is going to thrive with zero mess or maintenance! Real plants can often be very time consuming so if your plants are becoming a little bit of a chore, then artificial plants can be the perfect solution for you. We have a wide range of artificial plants in an array of styles, shapes and sizes. If however there is a very specific artificial planting display you are looking for you can get in touch, and together we can design some artificial plants specifically to your requirements. This gives you full flexibility to have any design of fresh looking foliage whenever, wherever! At Evergreen Direct we have had 20 years experience and are now considered specialist in the artificial plants industry.

Shop indoor and outdoor planters at Structube. Add a pop of colour with our artificial plants and flowers.

How to Secure Artificial Plants in Pots

Every great room needs a touch of green.And while decorating with houseplants has never been more popular, keeping said houseplants alive and thriving can be challenging, particularly when it comes to moderating natural light inside. Enter the artificial houseplant, also referred to by the euphemism "silk plant" or "faux foliage.

42 Artificial Plants, Trees, and Flowers That Don’t Look Fake

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When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. It's possible to have green decor flair without an ounce of high maintenance care. If you, like me, frequently buy plants to liven up your space with the best of intentions, only to have them die a few months later, perhaps it's time to embrace the faux plant trend.

A few traditional items like chandeliers, paintings and books remain common for home decoration, but, these days, people are moving towards a more natural-looking interior and decorating with plants. Although maintaining real plants indoors when you have a busy schedule isn't always feasible, silk plants and trees can be used as great alternatives for decorating your home's space.

Artificial Flowers Plants Price

Showing : 1 - 35 ofThe artificial plant showcases largely-shaped leaves for distinctive charm while the pebble-look pot lends a stylish finish to give your interiors a nature-inspired boost. The faux plant features realistic leaves, stems and branches which are easy to maintain and clean, while the pot is covered with dainty pebbles for a charming Sold Out. Featuring a minimalistic design for a hint of contemporary elegance, this iteration is accompanied by a large-length stand for added appeal and support. Adorn it with Crafted from a metal substance with a hammered finish for added appeal, this conical-shaped design will make the perfect storehouse for your plants.

Here you will find an extensive collection of artificial potted plants, all finished off with a pot of all different shapes and sizes. Each fake plant you see below gas been meticulously create to look as close as possible to their real counterparts. Enjoy the maintenance and hassle free lifestyle faux plants offer you today.


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