How to Clean Stovetop

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The Frustrations of Cleaning the Stove

When cleaning in the kitchen, most of us want this to be a simple process, but in many cases, kitchen cleaning, next to bathroom cleaning, is the absolute worst. Have you ever tried cleaning that area underneath the coils on your stove, but been so frustrated with the process, you had to give up? Whether we like cleaning or not, stovetops just tend to get messy, dirty, and all sorts of gunk can fall underneath the coils, causing much stress and extra hassle. It also becomes a safety issue and possible fire hazard if bits of food get stuck underneath the coils, so it's always good to check under the coils periodically and clean it. That's why it is important for you to know how to properly clean them! So here are the steps to giving your stove a good cleaning!

Getting the Gunk Gone

Step 1: Prepare Your Cleaning Products

Before you become amazed at how easy it is to actually clean under the coils on your stovetop, you need to make sure you have prepared the cleaning products you will be using. Typically, for the surface area itself, I use a general cleaner with bleach, but for the trays under the coils, I usually like to soak them in soapy water once removed and then give them a good scrubbing. Others prefer not to fool with washing the trays but instead spot clean them with a cleaner. The choice is entirely up to you, but make sure you have a plan before you start taking things apart; it will make the process run much more smoothly.

Step 2: Remove Coils

Okay, so this is the part where most people get that "wow" factor. Yes, you can pull out the coils of your stovetop! You do need to be careful when doing so, but if you lift up on the coil and then pull the coil towards you gently, the coil should come right out. The coils are connected to a plug that you will see inside the stovetop that keeps them in place. Once you have removed all coils, make sure you have a place to put them before removing the trays. It is important to make sure you are keeping everything in one place so that when you go to reassemble everything, you won't have any lost pieces.


Step 3: Removing the Trays

Carefully remove the trays from the stovetop and clean them as your see fit. In addition to cleaning the trays, there is also one more life hack you might find useful for cleaning your stovetop: if you lift up on the front of the stove, it will open up like the hood of a car! Here, you can clean any excess crumbs or gunk that fell from the trays when you removed them. Once you have finished cleaning under this surface, simply pull the top cover back on just like you would with the hood of a car.


Step 4: Putting Everything Back in Place

Once you are satisfied with your cleaning, make sure you put everything back in place carefully, otherwise your stovetop will not function properly. Make sure you have replaced the top of the stove first (see previous step for more information), then, place the trays back into the holes. Put the coils back in place by making sure they are lined up with the grooves in the tray and that the end of the coil is lined up with the hole. Then, gently push the coil down at an angle until you hear it pop into place with the connector piece. Once you have replaced everything, make sure that you test out each burner to make sure it is functioning properly before use. Once this is complete, you should be satisfied to have a nice, clean stove to use!

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