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People are getting very creative when designing homes. They are adding unique features like a slide and indoor playground or simply filling their rooms with a plethora of plants. Some are jumping on the tiny house bandwagon, but adding their own twist by somehow managing an open concept with little space. Others are carving out the entire structure of their home from nature, such as a hillside or a cave.

Be both enlightened and inspired as you learn more about these unusual homes!

A Fun Slide House

Slides are a fun and fast way to travel from one floor to the next. They can be simple and straight or large and curved. No matter how you add a slide to your home, you will be creating a lifestyle full of joy and happiness.

Open Concept in a Tiny House

Tiny home owners enjoy the freedom of living with fewer objects and traveling easily to almost any destination. What they have not always been able to experience is the style of an open concept room. But with some creative maneuvering of organizational and storage space, it's now possible. Collapsible furniture is easily hidden, opening up the floor with more free space. This feature makes a tiny house look both more modern and more spacious, creating an inviting home.

A Modern Tiny House

A House Full of Plants

Plants bring life to a house. They can serve as decoration, food, and air purifiers. It may not seem weird to have indoor plants, but it is different to cover the entire surface area of your apartment or house with them.

A Jungle Apartment

A House in a Cave

A long time ago, it was normal to find a home in a cave, but the houses people are creating in them today are anything but primitive. Ventilation channels improve air flow, in-floor heating keeps your feet warm, and Wi-Fi connects one to the outside word. It's awesome to be a modern caveman or cavewoman!

A Cave Home

A Hobbit House

Since Tolkien wrote his Lord of the Rings trilogy, people have been fascinated with the homes of hobbits. Some have let their curiosity propel them into creating actual hobbit houses in the sides of hills. These cozy little homes are perfect for Lord of the Rings fans or just those who want a nice quiet place to live.

A Hobbit Hole Village

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